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Can't find the answer you're looking for below? Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I have my book delivered or picked up?
When finalizing your order in the shopping cart, you can choose from two delivery options - shipping via Czech Post or picking up in person at our bookshop (Biskupské náměstí 1, Olomouc).

How can I pay for the ordered books?
Within the Czech Republic, you can use the GoPay payment gateway (payment by card, GooglePay, ApplePay, bank transfer, etc.), cash on delivery or payment by transfer to invoice with a due date of 14 days (this option is only available for orders with an VAT number). In the case of personal pick-up, you can also pay by cash/card directly at our bookshop. If you have books shipped abroad, you can only pay for them via the online GoPay payment gateway.

How do I apply the discount code?
If you have a discount code, you can enter it when completing your order in the shopping cart (in step no. 2). Employees and students of Palacký University can automatically get 15% off all prices in the VUP shop after registering and logging in via their university email address.

Can I order books from abroad on the VUP shop?
Yes, our books are borderless and we will send them to you practically anywhere. We regularly send our publications not only all over Europe, but also everywhere else in the world. However, you have to take into account the higher price of the shipping costs. We deliver to Slovakia for 250 CZK, to Europe for 500 CZK and outside of Europe for 700 CZK. Currently, it is temporarily not possible to order books from non-EU countries and e-books from abroad on the VUP shop. If you would like to order from and dispatch books to third countries or order an e-book from abroad, please contact us at and we will arrange your order in person.

How much is the shipping in the Czech Republic and how much is the shipping abroad?
The shipping costs within the Czech Republic are 99 CZK, she shipping costs to Slovakia are 250 CZK. Shipping to other European countries costs 500 CZK and outside Europe 700 CZK. Currently it is temporarily not possible to order books from third countries outside the EU on the VUP shop. If you want to order and send books to third countries, please contact us at

Can I order books on the VUP shop with an VAT number?
Yes, it's possible. In case you order from abroad with a VAT number, the system will first check whether your VAT number is valid or not, and then issue you an invoice without VAT. If you do not want to pay by card and would like to receive an invoice with a 14-day payment period, select the option "payment by bank transfer on invoice" in the shopping cart.

How can I return goods / withdraw from the contract?
Goods ordered from the VUP shop are subject to the standard statutory warranty conditions. Please see our terms and conditions for more detailed information. You can also use our cancellation form.

What is print on demand?
Some of our books are out of stock, but we do offer the option to have them printed on demand from just one piece. Because such a book needs to be prepared and printed from scratch, the delivery time can sometimes be longer than that of a standard printed book that we have in stock (print-on-demand books usually take 4-7 days to produce and dispatch). A print-on-demand book is otherwise no different from a standard printed book in stock. If there is a choice, just be careful about whether you order (and want) a paperback or hardback version of the book.

How do I purchase and download an e-book?
On VUPshop you can purchase two types of e-books - free e-books and paid e-books. In the case of free e-books, you will receive a link to download the e-book in your order confirmation via email. In the case of paid e-books, after payment and order processing, you will receive a separate email from with a link to download the e-book with social DRM protection. This automated service is implemented in cooperation with the Czech company Servantes through the software tool Miguel.

On which devices can I read the e-book?
Our e-books are available in common PDF and ePUB formats and are therefore functional on most common devices and operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS and more). However, in some cases, they may require the installation of special software. If you are not sure if your device is compatible, you can email us to be sure at

Can I redistribute the downloaded e-book?
Free e-books (often under a Creative Commons or Open Access license) can be shared in almost any way. At the very least, you'll be helping us spread science and knowledge! The situation is different in the case of paid e-books. We put the social DRM protection in paid e-books, which carries hidden information about who bought the e-book, when and where. The distribution of such e-books to other readers (e.g. via publicly available online storages) is prohibited. For more information, see our term and conditions.