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E-shop of Palacký University Press
Call us: 585 631 786
E-mail us:
Visit us: Biskupské náměstí 1, Olomouc
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Who we are?
We are a publishing house, printing house and bookshop in the heart of university and UNESCO city of Olomouc. Under the roof of the second oldest university in the Czech Republic (Palacký University Olomouc, 1573), we have been making (not only) professional literature for over 30 years. We create, print and send books to the Czech Republic and around the world. We focus on textbooks, professional and popular science literature, and we also like to initiate ambitious book projects in cooperation with various partners, especially in the field of art. As a result, our titles are known to the British Royal Family and European galleries, and our work is recognised by expert international juries.

We cooperate with academics and experts not only from Palacký University, but from all over the Czech Republic and abroad. We are happy to work with authors on books from the acquisition of the manuscript through editorial and graphic design to marketing and distribution strategies.

In our printing house we combine newest printing methods with traditional bookbinding. Thanks to this combination and modern printing machines, we are able to create both paperback and hardback books. As we print digitally, we focus our production on small-run titles.

What can we do and what are we interested in?
Specialized literature, pop-science literature and modern textbooks in the field of history, medicine, art, culture, philology and many other fields.

What do we offer on VUPshop?
Printed books, eBooks ( in PDF and ePUB format) or the possibility to have a book printed on demand. Among the titles you will find not only books from our production, but also publications from established Czech professional and popular science publishers (Academia, Grada, Karolinum and many others) or from other Czech universities.

We send books within the Czech Republic and abroad. For details, please see the FAQ.

Contact address
Palacký University Press
Biskupské nám. 1
779 00 Olomouc

Opening hours
Monday–Thursday 9:00–16:30
Friday 9:00–15:00

Billing address
Palacký University Olomouc
Křížkovského 511/8
779 00 Olomouc
VAT number: CZ61989592