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PHD EXISTENCE 2022: Změna. Česko-slovenská psychologická konference (nejen) pro doktorandy a o doktorandech. Sborník odborných příspěvků

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1. vydání 2022
Proceedings from the 12th year of the PhD existence conference: Czech-Slovak conference (not only) for and about doctoral students, which took place online from January 31 to February 1, 2022. This year's conference topic was "" Change"", as we have experienced more than enough of it in recent years. Whether it was the changes in education and related work with children, adolescents, students, but also teachers, or changes in the personal and professional lives of adults, which were more or less affected by the pandemic situation. These topics were reflected by both the doctoral students who attended the conference and their supervisors and colleagues. In the proceedings you will find articles mapping, for example, changes in university students, whether in their life goals and achievement thereof, stress and other emotions or in seeking professional help during the COVID-19 pandemic. The contributions also aim at school and preschool children, as well as representatives of various professions, and deal with their acceptance of change and coping with the workload. They present the issue in the context of available diagnostic tools, but also possible risk behaviors, conspiracy thinking, or other negative consequences of unmanaged adaptation to change - whether in terms of interpersonal relationships or work or school performance.
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Aigelová, Eva
Co-author 1
Viktorová, Lucie
Co-author 2
Dolejš, Martin
Vydavatelství Univerzity Palackého
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collection, catalogue